Welcome to Ramada Sulaymaniyah

Welcome To Ramada Sulaymaniyah Salim Street.

Firstly I would like to give you an overview about the beautiful City of Sulaymaniyah. Sulaymaniyah City known as The Capital of Culture as it was and still the foundation and the source of knowledge and cultural awareness. The people of Sulaymaniyah branded by countless visitors as welcoming and open minded, we hope that you try this beautiful experience sooner or later.

Another factor that I want to point out is The Kurdish Hospitality. Kurdish Hospitality means a unique service that makes you feel at home. Our team are here to offer you this unique service and make your stay as enjoyable as possible. We pride ourselves on offering outstanding services to you at all times and in any capacity.


Managing Ramada Sulaymaniyah on daily basis is a huge responsibility on me and my team. The reason is that we are not only trying to keep the 5 star standard but improving and moving further forward. Our aim is to be the best.

Whether you are visiting Ramada Sulaymaniyah for business or leisure, we promise you that our service will meet your satisfaction.


At Ramada Sulaymaniyah, you can benefit from the following facilities:

· Bedrooms (Single/Double/Suits/King Room)

· Restaurants & Bars

· Café

· Fitness & Spa (Swimming-pool/Grand-Jacuzzi/GYM/Sauna/Steam-room/Snow-room/Turkish-   bath/Vitamin bar) 

· Conference Halls

· Wedding or Event Halls

· Meeting Rooms

We are pleased to have you as our guest, and we promise that you can find sense of renewal and joy throughout your stay.

Wishing you an enjoyable stay.

Twana Majeed - General Manager

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